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Size Guide for Gloves


 Southdown Gloves Sizing:


Usually one hand will be slightly larger than the other, typically the dominant hand (the right hand if you are right handed). Using a tape measure, wrap the tape around the dominant hand at the widest part - between your thumb and index finger - and make a loose fist. Make a note of this measurement and check our sizing guide.

Women's Glove Sizing

SIZE S = 6½" (16.50 cms)

SIZE M = 7" (17.75 cms)

SIZE L = 7½" (19.00 cms)

SIZE XL = 8" (20.00 cms)

If you are buying gloves as a present and are not able to obtain the above measurements Southdown gloves have found there is usually a direct relationship between foot size and glove size!

Women's shoe size 3 - Try glove size XS/S.

Women's shoe size 4 - Try glove size S.

Women's shoe size 5-6 - Try glove size M.

Women's shoe size 6-7 - Try glove size L.

Women's shoe size 7 and above - Try glove size XL.