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Navy Blue bags - Look Cool & Confident


Have you ever noticed that compared to your bags of other colors, it is your navy blue bag that never fails to turn the heads? Why is this so? The answer is simple: it’s the colour! Because navy blue is an always-on-demand colour, irrespective of age, gender or time of the year.

Navy blue has a very interesting history. The story goes like this: In 1745, when the British navy officials needed a new uniform, the first lord could not make a decision on the colour. So he selected a few and sent them to Kind George III. King George also fell in the same predicament and finally chose the combination of a blue and white since it was the favorite colour combination of the first lord’s wife, the Duchess of Bedford.

Navy blue started getting popular after that, being the colour of the Royal navy. It did not take much time for navy blue to be associated to the navy officials, who were considered to be the personification of all the finer qualities like confidence, power, authority, intelligence, stability and much more. This association still continues since the use of navy blue bags or clothing even now conveys a feeling of this power and authority without being somber and sinister.
Today, using a
navy blue bag gives you a sophisticated and fashion-forward look. You get ample choices with navy blue, either by mixing it with unexpected contrasting colours for a modern look or just by keeping the basic colour for the impression of a classy style. The navy blue has also the advantage of matching well with outfits of other colours. Get a navy blue bag and you are never out of fashion any time of the year, now or half a century later.