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Handbags and Evening Bags are a Girl's Best Friend


 Handbags and Evening Bags are a Girl’s Best Friend

Have handbags replaced diamonds as a girl’s best friend?  As a woman who has had a love affair with diamonds since she was old enough to reach the jewellers window and who presumed that the song had been written as her anthem I recoiled in horror at this blasphemy.  But after careful consideration and a quick tally of the number of handbags and evening bags I own I reached the conclusion that Yes!  Handbags and evening bags are the new girl’s best friend.

Who among us wouldn’t sell her soul to own a Hermes Birkins? Who hasn’t felt an almost spiritual longing when looking at the timeless elegance of the classic Kelly bag?  Yes ladies; since the ‘It-bags’ hit the shops over a decade ago, handbags and evening bags are the most coveted item on our wish list.

Stepping out with a good quality handbag on our arm boosts our confidence and makes us feel great.  Whilst we can’t all afford a diamond the size of the Koh-I- Noor we can save up and buy designer handbags – waiting lists permitting.

Still not convinced?  Imagine this scenario – you have been invited to a very special function, you are wearing the perfect dress, have slipped on the sparkling evening shoes, you have decided against wearing jewellery (too chav) but would you consider not carrying an evening bag? No, I thought not! But will it be the plain clutch bag with the simple diamante flash, the heavily beaded evening bag, the oversized statement bag, the shot silk clutch bag adorned with the large semi precious stone or one of the vintage bags inherited from your Aunt?

We all know that diamonds are forever – but look after your handbag and they will last several lifetimes.
Diamonds are an investment – Did you know that many of designer brands in your wardrobe have actually increased in value.

So, Ladies, I think the question has been answered, handbags have replaced diamonds as our best friend!  Take great care of your miniature Fendi baguette, your Chloe paddington and even that inexpensive little satin evening bag that has always given you so much pleasure, they are now the Family Heirlooms to be passed on to your daughters