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Handbag Hooks, Key Finders

Handbag hooks are a small,clever fashion accessory that unfolds into a sturdy hook to take care of your handbag or evening bag when you are in the restaurant, at a function or in the office. No more worries about dirty floors, spilt drinks on tables or sticky bar tops.

Also known as Handbag Hangers or Handbag Holders, our Handbag Hooks are able to carry upto a 5kg weight and when not in use, can be folded and stored inside a carry pouch. Simply hook the bag hanger or handbag hook  by placing the disk on the edge of any table or desk and hang your handbag to it.

Because the handbag hooks lie flat they will fit in most handbags and purses. The foldable collection allows you to tuck the hook away to fit even the tiniest of handbags.  Ideal for those occasions like weddings and balls when there is little precious space in your bag!  The compact collection even conceals a small mirror. The collection boasts a range of products including ones for everyday use and for the more glamorous occasion.

The Key Finder -  No more endless searching the bottom of your bag - especially in the dark!