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 Few fashion accessories have stood the test of time: Elizabethan ruffles and 90`s platform trainers may have been all the rage back in their retrospective days but have fallen by the wayside of edgier items. There is one item however that has managed to stay at the forefront of even the ficklest fashionistas ensemble, the handbag.

Handbags have been an essential everyday item ever since people had something precious to carry about with them. It is only the assortment of necessary trinkets that we carry each day that`s changed. Dating back to the pre historic era, bags were originally used by cave men for transporting their daily essentials. Since then not only has the humble tote advanced far past a rudimentary animal fur aesthetically, it has evolved from being a functional necessity to a stylish essential item.

The earliest evidence of a handbag as a fashion accessory came in medieval times, affluent women would decorate the belted bag they wore to carry essential items with lavish stitching and gems with an aim to reflect their social status. Over the next few centuries little was seen of any fashion bag, the trend of the time being to wear spacious layers. Amongst the petticoats and skirts of the 17th and 18th centuries there was ample room for concealed pockets along with the added benefit of having important items handily attached to you.

It wasn`t until the turn of the 19th century that the forerunner of modern handbags, the `reticule`, came into fashion. Slim-line, figure hugging dresses replaced the outdated wide skirts and hoops of the 18th century. Fashionable women didn`t want their shapely silhouettes ruined by bulky items beneath petticoats and so the original fashion bag was born. Since then the visual trend of the handbag has come a long way, from the classic quilted Chanel and Hermes Kelly`s of the 1950`s, to undertaking a radical make over when the new trendy new youth culture of the 1960`s rejected the designs as too formal for the latest swinging sixties style. Ever resourceful, designers began coming up with new designs utilising contemporary materials and eye catching colours, re-establishing the handbag as the treasured and coveted item it is for women today

The Paris fashion week show is a sneak peek into the speedily approaching autumn winter season, and this year`s trends will have all label loving ladies so eager to be buying designer bags. Style devotees will note the main trend of the season is the use of embellishment, classic colours ranging from deep plums and magentas are being fused with naval blues and sharp greens. Louis Vuitton`s tribal inspired collection with its taselled collision of rich colours, snakeskin leather and beads is a great example of the season`s looks. Designers are demonstrating very new takes on traditional styles. Rebecca Minkhoff is fronting acid brights, Stella Mccartney has tweaked clutches to a new level with ornate designs crafted out of wood and D & G s collection looked more akin to jewellery than handbags with its black croc skinned, pearled and chunky resin chains which we can look forward to seeing being carried by all savvy women this autumn. From deep pocketed fashionistas to those of us needing to locate discount handbags, the season is set to be as diverse as ever. For more information on discount handbags go to -