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Exploring the Types of Evening Bags

 There is no doubt that a woman's appearance often depends on having the right apparel to suit the occasion. This is especially notable at a formal event where in addition to the dresses, one thing that will catch everyone's eye is the evening bags. These bags often bring the impression of sophistication to the entire outfit.

Purses have been around for centuries. Originally designed to carry only coins, currently there are a huge assortment of bags, for every occasion. They will carry a few or a lot of items. Today's modern purses first came on the market in the 1800's when a man had one made for his wife. Originally designed to be practical no one would believe that they would evolve to the attractive ones currently available.

Today, there are many well known designers in the business of handbag fashion. These creations are made from numerous types of material but the ones for formal wear are often found in metal mesh, satin, beaded, and leather. They may be embellished with jewels, feathers, and other attractive additions.

Popular types of these bags are clutch, hand-held and shoulder models. The small clutch may be a flap, tassel, frame or fold over while there is a handy strap for the shoulder bag. Clutch bags come as a flap, tassel, fold over or frame. Some have a metal chain and magnetic snap zips for convenient closing.

The majority of designer handbags make it possible to carry a number of items including makeup and accessories. They can even be made to match a special outfit and provide an additional attraction. One satin bag advertised has flowered sculptured petals with gold-colored plate which makes it suitable for any gown.

There are handbag designers all over the world with a specialty in those for evening wear. In addition to the U. S., outstanding creations are also available from places such as England, France, and other places throughout the world. This makes it easy to obtain one that will not only compliment the gown but be practical as well.

Prices of these handbags vary greatly. For example, the most expensive in the world is valued at $2,000,000 (1,483,240 EUR) and has 2,000 diamonds, followed by one made of white alligator skin with 334 diamonds and 18 caret white gold. This sells for $261,000 (193,562 EUR). Fortunately, there are excellent evening bags available that are within anyone's budget. A beautiful bag can be purchased online, in shopping stores and in retail outlets that will fit anyone's taste. Available in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles, they are available for anyone who wants to enhance their evening wear.